Apple lowers iPhone component orders by up to 10%

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by flopticalcube, Nov 10, 2015.

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    Apple may be in a spot of trouble, at least in the short term, Credit Suisse said Tuesday.

    The Swiss bank said in a note the tech giant has cut as much as 10 percent of its component orders. "The cuts seem to be driven by weak demand for the new iPhone 6s, as overall builds are now estimated to be below 80 million units for the December quarter and between 55-60 million units for the March quarter," the bank said.
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    Good, exactly what they deserve for gimping it with only 16GB for the base model.

    What is this, 2012?
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    Q1 2016 results could be very interesting....

    • iPhone 6s (weak demand according to cnbc)
    • Real Apple Watch figures
    • Adoption of iPad Pro
    • Apple Music subscription numbers

    This X-Mas quarter could be the first which might show signs of slight decline.
    Of course, Tim's surge into Asia helps the overall scores, but I wonder....

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