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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mtnDewFTW, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Hey guys, so I love using the built in Mail app that Apple includes on all Macs.
    But I have a question.

    So, naturally, I have 2 inboxes, one on my computer, and the other one under my Gmail folder. However, it's called All Mail.

    Here is my question: Is there a way to set up Mail so when I delete a message in my Inbox (On my Mac) it would automatically delete that message from the All Mail folder? And also my Gmail server as well?

    Thanks :)
  2. KevKaos macrumors 6502

    Sep 1, 2006
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    Hopefully the op was able to get his setup working, and that was a good read but I think I had to get something called "gmail notifier" to get mine working correctly. My setup has me using gmail for ALL of my email, but I can use my Apple Mail app (and iCal for calendar) to control my email (and Google calendar) on my iMac, AND my Droid phone. I LOVE IT. Just adding to the thread in hopes that it may help someone else. I got all my information by simply googling "gmail on a mac" and "gmail Droid".
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    May 16, 2008
    Google Notifier only sits in your Menu Bar and lets you know if new mail has arrived to your web-based Gmail account. It works completely independent of, and has no interaction with Apple Mail.

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