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    Is it possible to set up a folder in apple mail (iCloud account if that matters) and have it delete after 30 days. I know that trash & junk mail can be set up to do this, but I can't figure out how to do it with another folder. I receive a lot of news letters, reports, etc, and I do my best to read them, but some of the information gets out of date quickly, and eventually it's of no use to me. I currently put them all in a folder and read them as I have time. I can always manually delete the older messages, but at that point, I always feel like I should hang on to them 'just in case.' If I could figure out a way to set them to be removed every 30 days (or whatever) that would be a real benefit to me. But I can't for the life of me, figure out how to do it.

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    Why don't you wanna use "Trash" ? I guess don't wanna move them manually ? I guess you could set up a rule for 'condition "Date Received" and specify the number of days to keep them..

    However, not sure if rules apply only for "Inbox" but worth a try.

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    Thanks. Yah, I’d just like it to happen automatically. I’m moving them to the trash now but if I could automate it, that would be perfect.

    Thanks for the tip on date received, I’ll give that a try
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    I would do it like this.
    First set up a new mailbox.
    Then go preferences> 'rules' and create rules to automatically send the messages you don't want to the Junk folder on the new mailbox.
    Then again in preferences go to accounts>mailbox behaviour and set it to delete junk mail after 30 days (or immediately or a set number of days in between)

    You could also just use the rules to send the mails you don't want to the junk box of the box you already use.

    Rules are really useful and worth spending a bit of time playing with.

    You will often be able to choose subject words like 'special offer' or '20% off' and just delete those, or delete them from an address, or if it's not sent to your full address.
    You can use a combination of rules and choose 'all' to be even more specific.
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    That’s another good idea. I hadn’t considered using another mailbox. Thanks for the idea.

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