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    I am finally truly wrapping my head around the whole concept of the google business apps and how email servers work. I have owned and operated my own web server and email server for over a year now and am not a tech newbie. I am, however, new to the whole concept of exchange.

    So I have read that if you setup google apps to use Sync and you set up your iphone account as a sync/exchange account you wind up with issues with your account on your Apple Mail that is set up as an IMAP account.

    I have read that when you have IMAP on your apple mail app and sync on your iphone, when you read messages or mark messages as read it does not see that in the IMAP account therefore not truly syncing all access points.

    Basically my ultimate goal is this:

    Access email on iPhone, iMac via Mail app, and the web

    Apple Mail is always up to date via a check to the server ever 5 minutes and displays any new folders/labels made and updates location of emails if moved via another access point (i drag one email into a saved folder out of the inbox)

    the iPhone should have the email working as an exchange server so that I can get emails with push notifications. I would like to be updated in real time when I receive a certain kind of email from a certain kind of sender.

    the iPhone should also be up to date with unread messages ie: if i have 10 unread messages but I read 5 of them via Mail app, the iphone should show 5 unread automatically

    I think that is about it.. The importance is the ability to keep ever access point on the same page (i would assume that is the sole function of sync but I have read otherwise).

    Also, when I enable sync for the calendar and contacts, does it overwrite or merge my regular iphone contacts and regular iphone calendar events?

    Appreciate any help you guys can give. As I said, I am not new to the concept but never dealt with google at all (never had a gmail account or anything until using google apps)
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    Ok I finally got everything set up EXCEPT for one thing which I can not seem to find answers to.

    Currently I have the Google Apps inbox and all labels synced between my Apple Mail and the Gmail server. I have all sent emails (no matter where they were sent from) displayed in the Gmail sent folder and all Drafts stored in the drafts folder.

    The issue I have now is the delete button. When i click DELETE on the apple mail app it moves the email to the ALL MAIL (Gmail's Archive) folder which is not good. When I delete mail I want them to go in the trash and then be deleted after XX days.

    How do I get the Apple Mail Delete button to use the TRASH folder inside of the Gmail account folders?
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    In Apple Mail, right click on the folder called "Trash" under the Gmail parent folder and choose "Use This Mailbox For", then select "Trash".

    Do the same thing for the folders for "Sent" and "Junk".

    You'll now have true sync between and Gmail.
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    But that trash folder (the one that has an icon like a trash can i'm assuming?) Doesn't exist on the GMAIL interface, so how would it work??

    I tried clicking on the trash folder that exists under the google account heading, but there is no "use this folder as trash" option

    OMG i just found it!!!! Jeez it wasn't easy to find. Every tutorial i read said the option should be there when you right click / control click on the folder.. it was under the MAILBOX menu at the top.

    Uno Mas (one more).

    When I search for an email in Apple Mail it ALWAYS shows two emails, one in "inbox" and one in "all mail"

    it's really technically the same file because if I delete one they both go away, but how do I make it so it doesn't make it look like there are duplicate emails?
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    How-to please?

    Would you mind giving a break down of how you set up your sync between Gmail and Mac mail? Do you use multiple email accounts? The problem I am having is--

    I have Gmail gathering the emails from my two email accounts--a personal gmail account and my work email from a business domain (that Gmail checks via POP3). I have set up my Mail app to sync with my Gmail account (IMAP) so that it receives mail from both accounts as well. I only added the Gmail account info to Mail since Gmail checks both accounts. The problem is when I use Mail to write emails, I can only send using my Gmail account. Is there a way to set up Mail so that I can send and reply from either my Gmail account or my work email and have these sent messages sync with Gmail as well? Are you able to send from multiple domains in Mail?

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