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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jwolf6589, Jan 6, 2012.

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    For one I cant seem to be able to create a subfolder in Mail. Everytime I try it says it does it, but the folder never shows up. I have to create them with Entourage instead. I am using Gmail.

    Second is there a easy sorting option by email in Mail? This is what I mean. Outlook 2011 has a feature where it sorts out emails by name in the inbox. For example if I have 50 emails from, or 100 emails from I will not see 150 different emails in the inbox, I will see 2 emails, and I can click on a email and a subfolder shows up with al the different emails. This DOES NOT require a folder or a filter in Outlook 2011. I do not own Outlook 2011 so I have to find out a way to do what I need to do in Mail. I also am using Entourage 2004, so if anyone knows of a solution please comment.

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    Are you sure that you're creating the folder in the right place? When you add a new folder ("Mailbox") it asks you where you want to put it; "On My Mac", or in one of your GMail account folders. Click the little triangles next to the account names to make sure they aren't hidden in there.

    The column headers (click on them) and the search feature in Mail work very well.

    That is not how Mail or Entourage work. I don't even know how to access that feature in Outlook 2011 either.

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