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    I noticed today that Apple Mail keeps a copy of all gmail email messages in the Library/Mail folder. Over time this has accumulated to over 8GB. The GMail accounts are set up as iMap accounts. I delete whatever messages I do not want to save and expunge from GMAIL. Seems GMail also dumps these into the ALL MAIL folder. Even if I clean that out, the email messages stay in the Library/mail folders.

    Does anyone know how to prevent Apple Mail from archiving the iMap email messages in the Library/Mail folders?
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    IMAP will mirror whatever is on the server.

    To stop the ALL mail from showing up on your Mail app go to the GMail web interface in settings to the Labs tab. Scroll down to the setting for "Advanced IMAP controls" and enable that setting. Save at the bottom.

    Go back to setting and labels tab. It will show a list of "system labels"... this is GMails version of folders in your email client. to the right of the label for Chats uncheck the "show in IMAP" setting... also uncheck show in IMAP for the "All Mail" label.

    This will get rid of the ALL mail folder in your Mail client and significantly reduce the disk space used.
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