Apple Mail - Sender name and address displaying incorrectly

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    Let me see if I can explain this clearly. It's very strange

    I send a message to a client, and I Cc my team on the email. It looks something like this...


    From: me"at"
    To: client"at"
    Cc. team"at"

    Subject: XYZ



    The client hits "Reply All", and the meessage looks like this:


    From: team"at"
    To: me"at" and team"at"

    Subject: Re: XYZ


    Basically, my email client is changing the name of the Sender to the group email even though the email clearly comes from the client.

    Gmail through a web browser is displaying the sender correctly and other people on the team see the sender correctly. It's only happening to me.

    My plan is to remove the account from mail, reset all settings to get mail back to factory state, and add the account back in. Before I do that, I wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions?

    FYI, Rebuild Mailbox did not fix the problem.


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