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Dec 14, 2014
I am running iOS 13.5.1 on my iPhone XS and I am aware that on this model of iPhone the battery is not all that great. Seeing the battery usage app statistics, the Apple Mail app is showing 78% usage while I rarely receive or send emails. I rarely use the Mail app since I don't get many emails.

So how come the Mail app is on top of the list of Battery Usage statistics?

In addition, I removed most of the preinstalled apps that I do not plan on using, so my iPhone has really minimal apps.

Some people here on this forum said that the battery drain is mostly due to the OLED display and maybe that is why the battery is draining after a one day usage period. At the very most, I usually get one and a half day without charging.

Battery Capacity is now at 98% and I bought the iPhone around May of this year.
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Mar 3, 2004
Canada's South Coast
Have you recently added a new account(s) to Mail? It could be downloading & indexing many GB's worth of old emails. It does this in the background and is in no hurry, so it could potentially take several days to work through them all. If you believe something isn't right, delete the account(s) and re-add them. Weird server glitches can happen.

Unrelated, don't obsess about the capacity of your battery. In fact don't even look at it. Your phone will have adequate power for years, and then when it doesn't -- take it in and pay $50 and get a new battery installed. There are bigger things to worry about that a % hidden in an obscure menu on your iPhone.
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Sep 13, 2014
Philadelphia, PA USA
Same here on XS Max, 13.1.5.
Noticed this in the past few nights having my phone off the charger (alarm was set, phone next to my bed)
So with the phone just sitting there for 5, 6 hours...I'm losing 25%-35% battery life the past few nights. Extremely unusual!

Battery health shows "95%" but what I noticed is Dropbox is constantly running all night at various % rates - even when I have app refresh off.

Going back to the chart, it shows "Siri" was using 100% "battery usage" between 3-4am. Huh?? I was sound asleep during that time.
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