Apple Mail - Sync with Address Book + Maillists + images from Word?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by petersays, May 17, 2010.

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    First of all. Why can't apple change the name of "Mail" ? It's totally ungooglable.

    Anyways. How do i synchronize my Address Book (another application in dire need of a name change) with my Mail? For some reason only some of my contacts are found in Address Book.

    Also, it seems that the only way to create mailing lists is thruogh Address Book, this is why i BADLY need it to work.

    Bonus question: I do monthy send outs to a mailling list and i use a word template to enter all the informtion - i've created a word document with tables, pictures etc - and try to copy the whole thing to a mail in Mail, but for some reasons the pictures aren't included. Any tips on how to work around this?
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    You might get better search results if you use "" or "Mail OS X."

    You can go to Window -> Previous Recipients (in Mail) and "Add to Address Book" for a contact. Mail doesn't automatically send addresses that you email to Address Book.

    You can't create "mailing lists" in the traditional sense in Address Book either, but you can create groups, type in the group name in Mail, and have it automatically send to all of the group members (which is what I think you mean).

    Host it on a website and send people the link.

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