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  1. Ellen, Jan 21, 2012
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    Apologies if this should be in the iCloud forum.

    I am using Apple Mail to receive and send emails from my iCloud account, which consists of my main email address and an alias. For the alias I changed both the email address and the "full name" that appears in the From line of the email. So I am using 2 iCloud email addresses via one account.

    However, when I compose an email in Apple Mail, in the drop down menu there are now 3 options listed not two. The full name that appears in the From line of emails I compose using my main iCloud email address also appears as a separate entry for the alias, and then the alternate name appears (as it should) as a separate entry for the alias.

    Is there a way to get this down to 2 names? It is not a big deal but sometimes I select the wrong option which is confusing to recipients. Plus if I go to or compose emails on my iPhone I see only 2 names.
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    Select your mail iCloud account, and look in the email addresses box, you should see the address of your mail account and the address of your alias. Delete the alias address.
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    Thanks. Actually I don't see the alias there. All I see if a box that says Edit Email Aliases. That takes me to iCloud. com, where I see the alias associated with the alternate name only.
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    Is it possible that Apple Mail is assigning 2 different full names to my iCloud alias because it is first assigning the alias to my main name, and then reflecting the fact that in at the iCloud website I assigned a different full name to the alias? That seems odd but I can't figure out how to remove the name in Apple Mail I am not using with the alias.

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