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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced that its revamped Maps app is rolling out in Denmark and Greece.


The new experience provides more detail, improved navigation, custom-designed 3D models of popular landmarks, immersive turn-by-turn walking directions powered by augmented reality, and more.

Look Around, which was first introduced in iOS 13, is also expanding to both countries starting today. Look Around provides 3D street-level imagery in cities where it is available, and it is similar to Google's Street View.

Apple users in the above countries received notifications of the rollout this morning, and Apple Maps expert Justin O'Beirne also catalogued the expansion.

This is the twentieth time that Apple has expanded its new map data since its public launch in September 2018. It has since expanded to the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Germany, and select other countries and territories.

Article Link: Apple Maps Redesign Expands to Denmark and Greece
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Feb 1, 2013
Fingers crossed that it affects my Siri bug. Since iOS 17 updated, I can’t use Siri to find a location. If I ask for directions to Burger King, Siri says it can’t find that in my contacts!


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Feb 18, 2023
The 3 baltic states and balkans seem to be forgotten ,for they are not even surveyed.

i am from one of the baltic countries and as many apple feautres are, ive reconciled that this wont come


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Dec 8, 2012
Not just that, you even got bicycle directions right away! Greece just surpassed The Netherlands in bike services 🚲
That is even more hilarious considering the incredible bicycle infrastructure we have here! (NOT) 🤣🤣
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Aug 26, 2014
And yet none of these features are available in northern NJ. Can Apple PLEASE focus on something other than urban areas for a change?
It's like broadband and cellular - it only goes where the population density makes it profitable.
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Oct 24, 2017
It's like broadband and cellular - it only goes where the population density makes it profitable.
Very true I suspect Apple’s logic is based on density but I doubt it’s population based or even marketplace… maybe someone’s idea of a joke that we dense consumers have yet to get ;-). How else can Apple justify having “look around” in Australia’s Nullabor Plain. After all Eucla is the busiest towns around. 9 Starling Dr, Eucla WA 6443, Australia


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Feb 17, 2012
Wow Greece got an "early" feature from Apple? What's the catch? Still waiting for Siri in Greek BTW, I feel Apple is just waiting for Greek to become obsolete so they won't have to deal.
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