Apple Maps Vehicles to Begin Surveying Germany Next Week

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    Apple Maps vehicles will begin surveying Germany next week, through mid-September, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine.


    The data collected, such as road details, signage, and landmarks, will be used to improve Apple Maps as part of Apple's efforts to revamp the app. The 360º imagery will also likely be used for "Look Around" when Apple eventually expands its new Street View-like feature beyond the United States.

    Look Around is new to Apple Maps in iOS 13. Where available, the feature provides a street-level view of what's around your current location or the location you search for on the map. It's similar to Google's Street View, with one advantage being smoother panning when moving around the map.

    Apple will censor faces and license plates on images that are published in Look Around, as it explains on its website:
    At launch, Look Around is limited to areas in California, Nevada, and Hawaii, but Apple plans to add more locations over time.

    Apple Maps vehicles have also surveyed parts of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, Croatia, Japan, Andorra, and Puerto Rico since data collection began in 2015.

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    Article Link: Apple Maps Vehicles to Begin Surveying Germany Next Week
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    - 244'237 requests from German residents to blur out their homes (2010)
    - Google Has Stopped Street View Photography In Germany (2011)
    - Google restarted surveying Germany with cameras but won't make the images available to the public, only to be used to improve mapping services (2017)

    What is available via Street View in Germany are images from 2008 to 2010 (and limited to 20 cities).

    Apple certainly can use its image collection in Germany for mapping purposes but is unlikely to make Look Around available widely (it probably will be restricted to main tourist attractions).
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    They are “mapping” not “surveying.” Get your terms right. I could be wrong though. Maybe they have a professional land surveyor reviewing the results but my money isn’t on that.
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    I guess they will only map the big cities and maybe some interesting spots around them.
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    Apple describes it as "surveying" itself.
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    Whatever improves Maps in our area is welcome, especially considering Car Play.​
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    The presence of the word "Frankfurter" in the newspaper's name made me laugh because I'm still 12 years old inside, apparently.

    (Yes, I know... city of Frankfurt and all that)
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    Ha. You say that. Frankfurter Würstchen are commonly known as Wiener. Now you’ve got a laugh.
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    The article should be updated to reflect that Apple said that Look Around should be available everywhere in US by end of this year as they have already finished the US, and are now doing pedestrian paths in US.
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