Apple MBP Quality - I love it but QC could be better.

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  1. steve77uk, Feb 4, 2017
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    Good evening everyone :)

    Well it has finally arrived - my new shiny Space Grey MacBook Pro 2016 15". Took around three weeks to arrive. I am very impressed with the colour. Sitting it next to my early-2013 MBP 15, I feel I have made the right choice. It has a sharp, clean enterprise feel about it.

    I actually don't feel too sad about Apple getting rid of the illuminated Apple Logo now I have been playing with it. It feels... well, naturally right. Yes, I am surprised I am saying that. It feels grown up. Progress I guess...


    I like that it is smaller too. Doesn't feel or weigh anything like my previous early-2013 15"... Due to it shaving a couple of CM width wise, it will now fit in my messenger bag - hurrah! The 2013 model didn't.


    I have been lurking around these particular threads for a while now, the MacBook Pro and also the iMac, and have been reading the posts with interest. It landed late last night here in the UK and I even drove to the delivery depot this morning when it opened to save me taking a day off work / missed delivery on Monday to give me the weekend to play with it. I have also been deciding for a while whether to go for this MBP or an iMac 27" 5K so I have been 'trialling' a 5K out during the two week remorse period whilst the MBP was being shipped from China. I nearly cancelled the MBP order, but I am so glad I didn't. To put this in perspective, I have always been a desktop kinda guy as my workhorse. I have a large Photos and iTunes library and laptops never had big enough storage without using externals. I guess I will need to 'think differently' :)

    It was packaged well, however you can imagine my heart wrenching shock when I saw this glaring out at me when I removed the tissue paper. After reading on these forums about scratches underneath the keyboard, I could not begin to comprehend how this would have been missed in Apple's QA?! Looks deep and etched in doesn't it... wowzers.


    Fortunately, after the palpitations had died down and thinking I would have to wait another three-four weeks to send this back, I realised that some of it was coming away after rubbing it - it was actually glue residue from the screen edges. After a bit of care it eventually cleaned off. Phew. It kind of killed the new Apple product box opening experience for me this did - take note Mr Cook. I have been buying Macs since 2002. I have never known anything like it.

    Setting it up was a breeze although would say it was slow connecting to iCloud during the initial sequence. I like that it turned on FileVault straight away and took care of most things. Touch ID is brilliant. The touch bar? I can get use to it. I see button pressing for open / save / FaceTime being useful and the volume controls, however when turning up the volume, I seem to run out of runway if you know what I mean to turn it up. Speakers are loud... good stuff...

    I played around with the LG UF 5K that I got with it. First impressions were wow. This screen is amazing. Incidentally after reading the 9to5Mac article and LG acknowledging the screen blanking / shielding router gate etc, I chatted with Apple about this who said LG are aware have have updated them somewhat about a month or so ago. No other details given. As mine was just shipped, he could not be sure if I had a defective model. I shut the lid, went away, came back, opened lid and this happened to my MBP...!


    I have no idea why this happened. I thought Jeez, graphics card must have blown, now this HAS to go back. I shut the MBP down and as it went through this process the colours were the same, turquoise blue screen with white spinning wheel until black. However, booting it back up, it rectified itself. Black screen, white apple logo, booted to normal desktop. Again, Mr Cook, you're killing me. Out of the box, all within two hours, my faith was dwindling for such an expensive product.

    Now, don't get me wrong. The machine is nice. It feels solid. Can't really say why people are saying it has sharp edges? They don't cut you and not that uncomfortable - each to their own I guess. I cannot say I really see any difference between the 2016 edges and the 2013 edges? Just my observation.

    Next problem I got was I seem to have this sticky key problem. However it was just two. For me it is symmetrically the E and the U key. Goodness gracious me. Was there to be anything else? The computer was cold when I first noticed as had been in a warehouse and shipping previously, but also continued to happen when warm. I guess it is left over residue or something. If they are sloppy with gluing the screen on, I guess there will be some under the keys... I am hopeful that it will dry out. I'm writing this on an external keyboard in clamshell mode to get the laptop warm. The E key is slowly rectifying itself and the U key is not as bad as it was. I tried to upload a video, but it didn't work - sorry... I have read other posts saying it will go in time? Here's hoping. I really don't want to return it as everything else (eventually) is turning out good.

    The LG monitor continued to give me a couple of headaches in the way of sleep / wake. I could not get it to wake without either rebooting or reconnecting it. However, I have not had that many problems since I updated to 12.2.3.

    On the whole, I am very happy. I am hoping I can be a one machine person. I have a 2nd hand iMac 21" which is my media hub per say, but reckon I will sell that on. I do have iPads and iPhones, but looking to simplify my digital life somewhat and I think the MBP with a monitor is the way to go for me now. Best of both worlds...

    Hopefully my ramblings will help someone out there, but I can honestly say the SG is really, really nice. I am very impressed with the colour and aesthetics. The screen is amazing. The LG screen is amazing. Have not really worried too much about the bezel. One thing I did not was the 1080p camera chopped around a bit. Hopefully a SW update can fix this. Speakers, nothing to shout about, but will do the job for a small room I am in.

    The way I am looking at this is the decision between this and the 5K iMac is I was nervous about buying something that may or may not get replaced. I would have perhaps just bitten the bullet and got one anyway if this was being sent back. They are great power horses. I have seen comparisons where the iMacs are faster, but by having the UF 5K I get the best of both worlds, and it does look good on my desk and sharp, bright etc.

    Just to reiterate, I have managed to get rid of the apparent scratch / glew. I am hoping the LG issues are now resolved with the 10.12.3 update, and am hoping the sticky E and U will go in time, but I shouldn't have these issues in the first place Mr Cook!

    I have also had to charge the battery twice today, but am putting this down to my syncing, installing, generally messing around with it. Once it is all set up and stable, I will look at the battery again...
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    May 30, 2010
    Gosh that mark would have made my heart sink too! Goodness me. At least it rubbed off.

    What specs did you go for?

    When did you get the LG 5K? Would you mind sharing the first three numbers of the serial number? Wondering how new the stock is at the moment.
  3. steve77uk, Feb 4, 2017
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    Hi, I maxed out on everything. I need to last and wanted it to become my main and if possible only machine.

    Everything arrived yesterday, although I believe the LG, according to Apple, that was ready pretty much straight away sat in a warehouse in the UK, but they combined my order.

    Don't know if this helps?

    LG info:
    Vendor Name: LG Electronics
    Device Name: UltraFine 5K
    Vendor ID: 0x1E
    Device ID: 0x10
    Device Revision: 0x1
    Route String: 1
    Firmware Version: 9.4
    Port (Upstream):
    Status: Device connected
    Link Status: 0x2
    Speed: Up to 40 Gb/s x1
    Current Link Width: 0x2
    Cable Firmware Version: 0.9.0
    Link Controller Firmware Version: 0.14.0

    Serial first three is 621 - what does this tell you??
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    BTW, I actually left my MBP on all last night in clamshell mode. The LG went to sleep and I have come in this morning tapped a key on the external keyboard, and it woke up so that is a good start.

    I do LOVE the LG screen as a monitor. I cannot fault it as long as it wakes up. It is obviously connected to my MBP via TB3 but interestingly I have the LG host the unifying Logitech dongle which is in a small USB adapter which means the external keyboard sent the wake signal through the monitor to the MBP to wake.

    Further Update: The E and U keys have fixed themselves. I left it in clam all night syncing and now fine.
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    May 3, 2009
    I thought I read somewhere those graphic anomalies are related to Sierra and not hardware. If I find a link to that info, I'll post it here.
  5. steve77uk thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 28, 2007
    Thanks Mike. I've been using it in clam mode all morning and to be frank, I have not had ANY issues graphically which is very reassuring. I have been doing multiple things all at once so hammering it a bit and the fan has been quieter than my 2013 15" so again feeling happy.

    Guess I'll know more about battery life when I'm at work tomorrow but my 2013 15" was terrible anyway so any improvements on that older model will be gratefully received!

    I reckon Apple have done quite a lot of bug fixing with the 2016 Models, LG UF and Sierra OS that were distributed in 10.12.3.

    Sticky key issues have now totally gone. All in all, very happy now.
  6. Brookzy macrumors 601


    May 30, 2010
    Very nice! Lovely specced up machine.

    Re the LG's serial, are you sure it's not actually 612?

    In theory the first digit should indicate the year, i.e. 6 meaning 2016 and 7 meaning 2017. And the next two digits should indicate the month, e.g. 12 meaning December and 01 meaning January. But 21 obviously doesn't fit this! :p

    It's nice to hear from someone having a good experience with their Pro and LG 5K!
  7. steve77uk thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 28, 2007
    Yes, you are right... apologies it is 612. Can't blame the keyboard for that, more my dumb fingering instead...

    I honestly do love the LG Ultra 5K. It is catagorically spot on for me since the 10.12.3 update.

    I would have liked to have my thunderbolt drive dock to it, but it's no great shakes. I guess I should get a true NAS drive really...

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