Apple, Microsoft and Lenovo when it comes to repairing

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    I read that MS does not repair, they replace with new or refurbished units depending on you luck. As for Lenovo, seems to depends on availability. How about Apple these days? At least when Steve was in control, they either repair or gave customers a new unit especially when they could not fix the device for over 5 times.
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    Many times Apple has issued new units to customers when they did not have to, especially they don’t have ‘replacements’ in store.

    It would likely also depend on what type of repair needs to be completed, if it’s something that’s fairly simplistic, like a screen replacement for an iPhone, they can do so relatively quickly. But if it’s a hardware issue that can’t necessarily be determined or something that can’t be repaired, Apple has made exceptions many times outside a return/warranty For the customer with new devices.
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    I am talking about laptops. Sorry for not making it clear.
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    That comment also applies to laptops.
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    Apple will tend to "bend the rules", even just [once], and that's what tends to attract people to Apple..

    eg... Apple only does "iPhone express only" replacements, based on location, but i persuaded them to replace my Macbook pro earlier last year by mail... in the same fashion..

    They send my a new Macbook Pro, in courser serve,, i send the old one back..

    This wasn't DOA, I just a asked for a replacement as few USB pots didn't work , (actually I caused the faults, but it worked), i go a replacement, no charge..

    How many companies can do THAT? Perhaps i just got lucky, but it only stresses Apple doesn't have to follow their own rules ether. Although I wouldn't specifically mention, i usually just 'try and see' first. All they can say is "no"
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