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Mar 11, 2012
I'll be ordering a new 12.9" iPad Pro to replace my Gen 1 12.9" model. However, I'm reluctant to even consider the MKB. Here's why. ANY apple product, and I mean ANY, that has flexible parts made of leather or flexible plastic, inevitably fails for me. I'm talking the TWO Smart Keyboards I purchased for my iPad Pro, a dozen or so various leather or polyurethane covers for various other ipads, and for good measure, I'll include the seemingly countless lightning charging cables that inevitably become frayed messes at the points of connection. Apple engineers beautiful hardware...but the soft goods??? Not so much- at least not for durability.

The MKB looks amazing, but I'm concerned that after 1 or 2 years of use it'll need replacing like my Smart Keyboard cover did. Which, at $350 a pop, is a bit too much for me. "Disposability" shouldn't cost that much!


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May 19, 2015
I’ve had the MKB since it was released, absolutely no issues or complaints except that I get crumbs on it. I’ve also had the Smart Keyboard folio for quite a while now at least since my 2018 iPad Pro was released. It did develop some rough areas on the back side of the keyboard, the area that would rest on whatever surface you’re using it on. I purchased a skin for it as well as the MKB to prevent that happening. I only applied them to the bottom/back side of the keyboards. I’ve had those on for about a year now and have had no further issues.

If you’re truly concerned check out the Logitech new combo keyboard case, I believe Apple sells it on the Store, it has a pretty durable looking material that it‘s made of. Cheaper too. The cables I’ll agree with you on, they do not hold up.

If you get the Apple keyboards I would highly suggest getting a skin, for about $20 you can get one that will cover the whole device, but I’m only covering that one side which was easy to apply. I’ve found no need to do the other areas. Either get that or use something soft between that surface and whatever you rest it on.


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Jul 7, 2020
I’ve had my MK for just over a year with daily use and it looks fine. No noticeable wear anywhere on it.
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May 19, 2015
I‘ve had mine since it was released and have no wear in those areas. Having saiid that though, I did have roughened areas appear on the outside surface of the keyboard of my Smart Keyboard Folio, the area that sits on whatever surface - desk, table, lap,etc. - that you’re using the device on. I ordered skins for both keyboards and applied them to that surface. I hadn’t developed any roughened areas on the MKB but I wanted to prevent that from possibly happening. After installing those skins I haven’t had any areas of either keyboard develop any worn spots. I use them both frequently, at different times.

I can see how his MKB became like that if it slid back and forth inside a rough carrying bag or briefcase. In that instance I’m not sure how Apple could design anything that wouldn’t get worn down. I wasn’t happy with the roughened areas on the Smart Keyboard folio because at that time I was not taking the device out of my home. I was only using it at home sitting on my lap or propped on a pillow. I never had it on some rough surface. For what these devices are I believe the material keeps them as light as possible but sacrifices some durability. Unfortunately I think you have to take into account how and where you are going to use them and take necessary precautions. I haven’t seen any third party device that works as well, is as light, or takes up as little space as these devices do. You kinda have to decide what trade off you’re willing to make. The only real advantages the others have is that they are cheaper.
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Oct 7, 2003
Hard not to look at the keyboard while you are using it.

If you want to be snarky and rude, go bother someone else. I wasn't complaining. I was providing personal experience information for the OP.

Relax buddy, it was just an innocent joke.
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