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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Definewhoyouare, May 29, 2011.

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    I have tried everything I can think of, here's my situation... I am opening up DVDs on MPEG Streamclip on a PC, I segment the clips into several sections and save them as MPEGs. I then copy these clips on an FAT32 external hard drive and play them out on a G5 using MPEG Streamclip this is when I covert the video to a .mov and use it in FCP.

    Basically I am digitally ripping Family Guy Season 3, segmenting each DVD so I can have a catalog of Family Guy episodes to edit with. Before you say anything, I have full consent from Fox to use their footage in these clips.

    My PC looks completely fine when I segment all the episodes. But when I open them up on the Mac they turn very pixelated, the audio is fine. I have tried several programs with different codecs and it looks like that the MPEG Component for QT is causing the issue. Disk 1 of Family Guy is fine but Disk 2 has this problem....weird.... Is there anyway I can use a different MPEG codec for MPEG Streamclip? Can I some how fix the files so they work on the Mac? Any suggestions would be great, I am about to go crazy!:mad:
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    Why not use Handbrake on your Mac to rip the dvds?
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    Why don't you convert them as you import them? Just import them at Apple Pro Res 422 off the DVD using Mpegstreamclip. That's the best codec to have it in if you are editing it and want to keep full resolution. The Apple Pro Res 422 codec won't allow you to play the video on a PC though so you'll have to edit on the mac and then export in a codec/format that is PC compatible.
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    I cannot use handbreak because I only want segments from the .mpg not the entire episode. I also cannot export to Apple Pro Res 422 because I have to rip the DVDs on windows, our edit bays are very limited so I cannot be in there for hours ripping DVDs. My method has been working for at least 6 other TV shows but for some reason FG is looking like crap.

    I use MPEG streamclip to segment the VOB files because there is no re-encoding so it is a straight program stream. It also takes about 1 and half minutes to save an entire FG episode. If I had to encode all my files it would take a minimum 10 minutes.

    The only other solution i see is to use Avidemux but the audio is always off sync!

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