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    May 19, 2011
    I have Apple Music and iCloud Music Library turned on, on my iPhone, yet it's not showing any of the music I have in iCloud or any of the albums I've added to Apple Music (on iTunes). I'm wondering whether this is because I had the 'show all music' option turned off, but that seems to have disappeared from settings in 8.4.

    For example, I've created a playlist on iTunes which includes music I own and tracks from Apple Music. When viewing said playlist on my iPhone, the only tracks listed are ones I own with complete disregard for any Apple Music content. The 'My Music' section of the Music app, again, only shows music owned by me and synced with the device. All Apple Music content and purchases in iCloud are missed off.

    In short, my iPhone is only showing me music physically stored on my iPhone and entirely ignoring Apple Music or purchases in iCloud. I've gone into every settings menu I can think of, rebooted my iPhone...I'm stuck as to what I should do next. Is this just a glitch with the service?

    Edit: it's also not working on my iPad.

    Edit 2: thanks for helping me solve this! The setting I was looking for is in the drop down menu when you click the 'view selector' button whilst viewing My Music!
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    Mar 1, 2014
    Same here. So i'm download my purchases. At least i will be able to see it in my music. Complete iCloud meltdown.
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    From your description, it kind of sounds like Apple Music isn't actually enabled on your phone.
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    That's what I was thinking too, but I've also tried switching it off in settings, rebooting, and switching it back on. Same results.
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    If I understand the problem correctly: Select My Music and then the type selector (Artists, Albums, etc.). At the very bottom of the list is the "Show Music Available Offline" option.

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    The option to show music not in the phone (music in the cloud) still exists. It's in the sort drop down.
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    It worked! It's a bit hidden away now but I'm glad I found it! I can now see all music.

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