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    Aug 19, 2015

    I tried to get confirmation from Apple assistance on the following situation but they are pretty useless. Here is the situation and I wonder if you could be able to help me with it.

    I have subscribed to Apple Music
    I have activated iCloud for iTunes as well.
    I have some tracks (that reads perfectly fine on my mac) that I want to transfer to my iPhone. These tracks are not in the Apple Music Catalog.

    The transfer from my mac to iPhone for this music is impossible... if I want to do that, I have to turn off apple music and icloud and manage manually the music but I look all my tracks from Apple Music

    Am I doing something not right ? Could you please advise ? To me it seems that this taking me backward and I will probably stick to Spotify as I don't have the control on what I want to listen on my iPhone.

    Many thanks.

    to the admin, sorry if the thread already exist for that... feel free to move it.

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    Not sure exactly what you are seeing based on your post. But the way it should work is that you have your own music. You import it to iTunes on your Mac, you have iCloud Music enabled, you subscribe to Apple Music and/or Match--then if the song is in iTunes, it should automatically migrate to your other devices such as your iPhone. You shouldn't have to "import it" to your iPhone. It will be an iCloud copy of the song unless you choose to download it to your iPhone.

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