Apple Music and Sonos. Do you have to relay on the

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    I'm considering to toss my entire speaker setup and go all out on Sonos. Play Bar + Sub in the Living Room, Play 5 in the Kitchen and Bedroom and a Play 1 or Play 3 for the Bathroom.

    We use Apple Music for playback, how will that work with Sonos? Do we have to relay on the or will we be able to control the streaming using the actual on our iOS devices?

    Having tested out the before, I have to admit I'm not all that happy about it. It feels rather out-dated and from what I understand it does complicate things a whole lot compared to simply using the actual Apple Music app. For instance, controlling volume and playback on my Apple Watch works perfect when playing from the actual Apple Music app, will that still work if I have to relay on the

    I know Sonos have great integration with Google Play Music, so you can basically use the Play Music app on Android and select your various Sonos speakers from within the app itself like you would normally do with Bluetooth and Chromecast speakers/devices and control everything directly from the Play Music app instead of having to use and control everything within the

    Will this work the same way with Apple Music? Or would I have to deal with controlling everything through the degrading the whole user experience?
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    You have to use the Sonos app, sorry. You can use the Spotify app to control Sonos now, though. Maybe one day Apple Music will get this capability.

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