Apple Music and Spotify Chat Extensions Coming to Facebook Messenger

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    Facebook today announced plans to integrate both Spotify and Apple Music into Facebook Messenger, allowing Messenger users to link to Apple Music or Spotify content for sharing songs and playlists directly within the Facebook Messenger app.

    Apple has not shared details on how its chat extension will work, but Spotify published a blog post detailing the Spotify chat extension, which will undoubtedly share similarities with Apple Music.


    Using the Spotify chat extension, users can search and share Spotify songs, albums, and playlists. Song links will play 30 second clips, with users able to tap on a link to open the Spotify app to listen to a full song.

    The Spotify bot, in addition to allowing songs to be shared, will offer up playlist recommendations to users based on mood, activity, and genre. It's not clear if Apple will introduce a similar feature.

    Apple has made an effort to make Apple Music widely available on multiple platforms and services. It already integrates with the main Facebook app, and there's also an Android app and an iMessage extension.

    Spotify is available in Facebook Messenger first, with Apple Music integration coming at a later date.

    Article Link: Apple Music and Spotify Chat Extensions Coming to Facebook Messenger
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    Uh, IT DOES
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    Moah data to grab ... another function I will not use and hopefully can disable.
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    Eventually these app-within-an-app will become ridiculous, right?

    Check it out, this iMessage extension shows my conversation with Jim on Facebook Messenger, which has a PayPal plugin to show when I paid him, which has an eBay add-on to show which of his items I bought, which has a price-checker extension to show his prices are better than on Amazon.
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    I detest bloated apps and feature creep. What used to be a simple app, which I much preferred over the wreck that is the Facebook app (currently over 350 MB big on disk, excluding caches!) has become its own platform and it is not the only app that does this (iMessage, Telegram, increasingly also WhatsApp). I just want a simple messenger. :(
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    There was a glorious period where you could set up Facebook messaging with OS X internal Messages (didn't say MacOS since it never worked with Sierra). Even better, my work Jabber would also connect to Messages so everything was centralized. (this was also great for performance/power consumption) and less running apps.

    Since then I've relied on: for my Mac.

    Hoping for a third party Facebook messenger app that does the same as goofy to remove all the junk it comes with.
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