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    It says that the Apple Music API is the web services portion of MusicKit. How are they different?

    Is it merely a case that the Apple Music API simply contains the methods needed for any JSON/REST calls and that is included in the MusicKit? Analogous to WatchKit and the WatchConnectivity API?

    So this guy who created the unofficial web app Apple Music Player used the Apple Music API for calls, but he might have also used other parts of MusicKit to do things like what? Also since it's web what would he most likely have used for front/back end. Purely Node?

    I also noticed that a guy created a Spotify web app that shows heat maps for song popularity. Spotify's API seems to have more access to user data such as what a listener is currently listening to. Apple does not seem to go this deep. From what I can see if a user grants permission then you have access to more data such as their playlists and recently added songs etc but nothing related to user status such as currently playing songs. Does anyone know how deep the API reaches? I've searched the Apple docs and cannot find anything related to user info and/or status like Spotify's API.

    I wonder if this will change and maybe it should have more public methods f they're trying to expand Apple Music socially.

    EDIT: Just saw that he open-sourced the project.

    Says he uses Angular, Angular Material and MusicKit JS so that means it's purely Angular even for backend?. What would be the advantage on choosing Angular over Node or React?

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