Apple Music App for Android Updated With Refreshed Browse Tab and Chromebook Support

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    Apple has updated its Apple Music app for Android devices, introducing the redesigned Browse tab that debuted on iOS last week and new support for Chromebooks.


    The new Browse tab has been tweaked to highlight an assortment of different playlists from various musical genres to make discovery quicker and easier. Android users will now find Apple's "Daily Top 100" playlist featured prominently at the top of the section, just below the traditional carousel of new music.

    Apart from that minor refresh, the update brings official Chromebook support to the Android app, which basically means users can access Apple Music from Chrome OS on their Google notebook. According to the release notes, this version of Apple Music for Android also fixes various bugs, so users should also find it runs a bit more stable than previous versions.

    Apple Music for Android is available to download for free from Apple's website and on the Google Play Store.

    Article Link: Apple Music App for Android Updated With Refreshed Browse Tab and Chromebook Support
  2. Eric S macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2019
    This seems like a small story, but if Apple is going to be relevant in services, this is a big deal, especially Chrome books. Students are using them more and more and giving them options for Apple Music, and other services, will be important. They need to come out with website versions, for times when you can't install an app.
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    Dec 13, 2011
    Can we please get Apple Music on Roku TVs? Seems like it’s on its way, but it would improve my life.

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