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Apr 12, 2001

Several of Apple's services appear to be experiencing issues, with MacRumors readers reporting problems with Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, the App Store, and more.


When attempting to access Apple Music or Apple TV+, for example, the services refuse to load for some people and pop up a connection warning.

Apple's System Status page lists App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Radio, Apple Books, Find My, Game Center, iCloud Account, iCloud backup, iCloud Calendar, iCloud Contacts, Photos, iCloud Mail, and iWork outages.

We'll update this article when Apple's services come back online. Update: Apple has resolved the outages.

Article Link: Apple Music, Apple TV+, App Store, Apple Arcade and Other iCloud Services Experiencing Issues [Update: Fixed]
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CJ Dorschel

Dec 14, 2019
Just tried to play Mario Kart and it opened Game Center on my iPhone which it never did and asked me to sign in. Couldn't. Neither on my Mac Pro. Very odd. Apparently I cannot play the game now which is strange as it never required Game Center, only a Nintendo account.


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Mar 28, 2019
can confirm: stuff is still down, can't download or update apps on the mac appstore and the systempreferences icon shows a (1) bubble, and tell me i need to relogin with my apple id, but it doesnt work "there was a error communicationg with the server" o_O
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