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    We are trying the iPad Pro as our main 'laptop' (sold by Phil at apples last meeting).

    Due to the insane cost of some of the (eccellent) accessories we have gone for the 32GB with a view to use unlimited strong wi-fi and the cloud.

    Just a query about music storage.

    I find iCloud quite confusing. We have 50GB iCloud storage that we pay for but I understand this cant be used to stream mp3s from the music app?

    Is that correct?

    Based on this if you want FREE Google Play Music the way to go.
    In fact there is no compare.
    Its just you spend money on 50GB iCloud storage then they want more for "match" it seems unfair. I also watched a video before saying photos aren't backed up to iCloud if steam is on, not sure if thats correct.
    What do most folk do (32GB Pro) for music storage?
    Also its those pesky apple mp3 dowloads purchased over the years, maybe with DRM, getting them to the GPM locker & working.
    Any advice appreciated.
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    Apr 1, 2016
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    If you want to store your MP3s in the cloud through iCloud, you would need to subscribe to iTunes Match, which has limit of 100,000 of your songs, independent of your iCloud storage. Unless you really want to be integrated with Apple Music and iTunes, I would recommend Google Play Music to upload your songs since it's free and has an excellent iPhone and iPad app. Bear in mind that iTunes purchases can be accessed through the Apple Music app, even without a subscription, but you can upload these to Google Play regardless of the DRM.

    Personally, before getting an Apple Music subscription, I used Google Play without any problems, although now I find an Apple Music subscription to be better than my rather small collection. It's up to you whether you want to pay for that or are happy with what you already have.
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    Sep 16, 2012
    North Wales
    Appreciate your reply & explaining it so well.

    I think Google Play Music ideal especially with it being free.

    Thanks again

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