Apple Music delete iTR stations? Basically free iTR is gone? No AM sign up without credit card?

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    Was very disappointed to find out that when you upgrade to Apple Music all your iTR stations disappear. Or at least that happened to me. Maybe I did something wrong? I had amassed tons of great iTR stations.

    Luckily I had taken screenshots of my stations previously for some other reason. So now I can add them manually to the new Apple Music.

    So basically Apple Music is the beginning of no more free radio like we had with iTR right? I mean if you don't sign up for Apple Music the only feature available is the My Music iPod button right?

    The other interesting thing is that you cannot sign up for Apple Music without a credit card. They don't even let you pay via iTunes card? Doesn't affect me but I'm sure it would others. There are many people who don't use credit cards. Younger students for example.
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    Apr 23, 2004
    ok so I found out iTunes cards work. Also it's interesting because as you see in my screen shot Apple Radio knows what stations I did have with iTR because it says Recently Played Stations with some pics. But other than those few recently played stations all my stations are gone.

    From what I can see with accessing Apple Music with my secondary Apple ID that has no subscription Trial it looks like all paid features are there except the For You button. I know from my paid account that For You is where you can create your own radio stations but what I'd like to know is does For You have your previous iTR stations? Do you guys see your previous iTR stations there? I can't access For You on this account because theres no credit card attached to it so that's why I'm asking.

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    They got rid of Internet radio?! There were so many awesome stations on there. Sigh.
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    Not radio, the stations that we saved for a long time.

    I'm still waiting to hear from people if Apple Music Radio saved their previous iTR stations. I couldn't test my stations because that account doesn't have a credit card associated with that account.

    With my other new Apple Music account that I'm paying for I can add my own stations so I'm hoping that means Apple Music Radio still has the old stations from iTR.
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    The availability of free iTunes Radio depends on the country, but I know at least in the US you can listen to Radio ad-supported and Beats One (Ad-Supported? IDK) for free.
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    Yes that's iTR that i still have on my other iMac. I'm using Beats One on my other Mac and create some new stations as we could do with iTR but I'm wondering what the $9.99 is for then if Beats One is also free/ad supported?

    Did I even need the Apple Music Trial if I just want to listen to my own radio stations? I thought we have to pay monthly for Beats One.

    I just want to continue where I was with iTR (but using Beats One). Enter in an artist's name to create a station and listen.

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