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    Oct 16, 2014
    Note: I moved my original post below from the iPhone forum.

    So I just updated last night both my iPad (64 GB wifi+cell) and iPhone 6+ (64 GB) to iOS 8.4 and then this morning discovered all of my music on these devices is gone; over 2500 songs. I synced my iPad to my home iMac iTunes this morning and it reloaded my library of songs - also gave a strange warning that it was overcapacity (14 GB) as it was syncing, although as I checked the actual iPad "about" setting which indicated 17 GB was available. Once it completed the sync iTunes showed the iPad having 17 GB available.

    i was a bit fearful of connecting my music emptied iPad to my desktop iMac, and prayed that the syncing operations in iTunes wouldn't erase my iMac music library instead of copying it to the iPad - the "overcapacity" warning did cause my heart to skip a beat or two.

    Well I'm at work now and just checked my iPhone, and all the music on it is gone too. I will try syncing tonight at home.

    This is a royal pain, and I read no warning about this issue. Also it seems like Apple Music on my iPhone was showing some of my library (purchased in iTunes?) when I was initially connected to the Cloud. When I disconnected from my Apple Id account they disappeared.

    I don't like or use iCloud - I live in an area where my cable internet connection is not all that reliable and has issues weekly, I also travel a lot and cannot always get free wifi. I was out of the country last month vacating on a tropical island with no wifi and no access to the cloud - relaxed on the beach and listened to my music because it was on my iPhone. So I prefer to have everything locally on my devices.

    Shouldn't Apple have given better descriptions of what was going to happen with this update? No previous updates have wiped out the music library on my devices.
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    Sep 29, 2014
    What if you go to My Music, click on the pull down that changes from Artists to Albums, etc. On the bottom of the list is a switch that will show or hide music. (Show Music Available Offline) I have mine off and see all of my music. You may need to make your music available off line again if you said yes to iCloud Music Library.
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    I've had similar issues (if I'm reading you right). In my case music disappeared from the library and was invisibly re-categorized as Other. iTunes was convinced that the Other wasn't music so trying to sync music threw me way over-capacity.

    It's a huge pain, but the only thing that's worked for me is:

    1) backup device (encrypt the backup to save you time and aggravation if you've saved passwords on the device).

    2) Restore the iPad by going into the devices settings and selecting General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings. For me, at least, it didn't work when simply erasing the iDevice through iTunes; it had to be through the Settings app.
    3). Restore that new backup.
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    Oct 16, 2014
    In my case about half of my 2500 songs in my music library are from my own CDs that I loaded on my iMac, the rest are purchased from the iTunes store over the many years of owning iPods and then iPads. I don't backup my iMac to iCloud but directly to my own Airport Time Capsule - once again I don't trust the Cloud.

    So initially when I got on my iPad this morning after the update and opened the Apple Music app, I did click on "My Music" toggled the "Show Music" but I quickly realized I was only seeing a fraction of my music library. I also saw that I was signed into iTunes online - when I signed out, the library in Apple Music on my iPad vanished.

    No when I go onto my iPhone and look into Settings > General > About, next to "Songs" is a big 0. Where yesterday before updating it was 2500.
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    Like you, mine is a non-cloud mix of CD rips and purchases from iTunes (and Amazon and Google). The only place we differ is that I haven't tried Music. Maybe that's significant. If my suggestion isn't appropriate I do hope someone else can provide you help. I know how frustrating this can be,

    Best of luck.
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    Dec 6, 2016
    I've been having the same trouble with my iPhones since early 2015.
    This also coincides with me signing up to Apple Music and switching to iCloud Library.
    the biggest problem is that I can't switch these services off as My libraries vanish when I do.

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