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    My wife and I currently share the same iTunes account (with iTunes Match) on our various Apple devices. We do this because we both want access to our shared music library that we've accumulated over the years, including carefully curated playlists. It's a seamless experience.

    I recently signed up for the individual Apple Music plan ($9.99/month). The problem is that if my wife and I are both streaming music (or Apple Radio) we get an error. I understand the reasoning behind that. No problem, I'll sign up for a Apple Music Family account.

    However, this would mean my wife would have to log in with a separate iTunes account. Which means she would lose access to our entire shared music library with playlists.

    Is there any workable solution here? I'm happy to pay Apple for two Apple Music subscriptions, but I would like my wife and I to continue sharing our personal music library.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hrm, I've just noticed another problem. I have multiple Apple TVs. I'm signed into all of them with the same Apple ID. If I'm listening to music on my laptop and I try to stream a song on my Apple TV, I get the same error. So no one in my house can listen to streaming music while I'm listening on my laptop. Even Apple Music Family Sharing won't help here, unless I create a separate Apple ID for each of my Apple TVs.

    This is silly.
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    I believe that there is no way for you to collaborate playlist with your friends, at least not just yet. Perhaps if your wife would like to access the playlists you have on your account, you could just share them to her, so that she gets access to it.

    I agree with that annoyance of Apple Music, you can only stream music with one device at a time. The only solution seems to be the different ID only.
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    I do the same one account.. for all. Netflix, Hulu and iTunes accounts

    I think this is why Apple does this..

    They want u do have a family sharing plan, and inherently more control. By using their service and forcing the same limits on customers they can.

    Its all about pleasing copyright holders,,, not the users. We are basically second best when it comes to services, using security and a cloud cover.... Although u could say that is a good reason too.
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    Problem with using one AppleID with AM is only one device can stream at a time. Doesn't work with a family of 3-4 who listen concurrently.
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    Actually, you can continue to use the same ID as long as you pay for the family plan. Even before I added my family members to my family plan, I was able to play my music across all of my devices. I think you can play on up to 6 devices simultaneously.

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