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    Sometimes when I am browsing an artist on Apple Music and I am looking at their albums, I would like to know what the release date of each album was. On the full album view for an artist there are no dates listed. There are dates listed in the previews of the albums view but if you drill down to the specific album view for an artist, the dates disappear. This seems like a huge oversight to me. Is there any way to always find out the date of each album without going into each specific album page or looking at only the albums on the preview page and hoping the ones you want are shown? The screenshot below shows what I mean. No album release dates on the albums view for an artist.

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    only way i found is to "add to playlist" then right click the column and choose "year"

    Doesn't seem like a good solution either i know.
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    I find the year stated for release on some sites and the Apple store are sometimes the year of the format release, say an album released in 1960 yet first issued on cd in 1985 would list the latter.
    Also occurs for years on remasters.
    So I would take the year listed with a pinch of salt.

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