'Apple Music for Artists' Analytics Dashboard Now Available for All Artists

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    Apple's "Apple Music for Artists" dashboard, aimed at musicians, is out of beta and now available for everyone, reports The Verge.

    First launched in January 2018, Apple Music for Artists offers up a detailed dashboard with an artist's current number of plays, spins, song purchases, music video views, daily listeners, and album purchases, with built-in tools to provide data dating back to June 2015.


    An insights panel highlights milestones like all time number of plays, playlists a song has been added to, purchases of specific songs, and cumulative purchases, while a global map is designed to allow musicians to click on any of the 115 countries where Apple Music/iTunes is available to see purchase history.

    Data for individual cities is included, such as top songs in each city, with further demographic breakdowns available, and another feature lists all of the Apple-curated playlists where an artist's songs appear.

    During the beta testing period, Apple added integration with Shazam, allowing artists to see their Shazam info like the top shazamed cities and countries.

    When the Apple Music for Artists feature first launched, Apple invited a few thousand artists to test it out, but now, it's available to all artists that have content on the Apple Music and iTunes platforms.

    Along with the web dashboard that displays analytics info, Apple has also released a standalone Apple Music for Artists app on the iPhone, which is designed to let their artists view their stats anywhere.

    Article Link: 'Apple Music for Artists' Analytics Dashboard Now Available for All Artists
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    Are you sure? I can’t find it on the App Store.

    And the website still says Beta for me?!

    Edit: It's now available, just downloaded it.
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    Sheffield, United Kingdom
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    Wait... what's the difference between a play and a spin?
  5. Canyonero macrumors member

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    Only like five years behind Spotify. Apple Music has always been super unfriendly to artists. Coming from a company that always prides of being at the intersection of technology and liberal arts, they really haven’t executed on either with Apple Music. They’ve been literally sitting on their asses, copying competitor features and signing exclusive deals since the launch of the service.
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    Pleasantly surprised by the artist in the above Picture..Daniel Ceasar, I expected HipHop/Rap, got R&B.
    1st single I heard was Best part, like this stuff.

    As for the Topic, non story for 99.99% of people here, good for artist though.
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    Play = Plays from Apple Music interface/playlist = interactive streaming
    Spin = Plays from radio, Beats 1

    The royalties are higher on the former.
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    Good luck independent artists. You will be lucky to get more than 1,000 plays per month, just like Spotify.

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