Apple Music going through Sonos (need apple TV)

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  1. Moakesy macrumors regular


    Mar 1, 2013
    My neighbour just came up with a simple workaround to getting Apple music going through Sonos. I've tried it and it works fine, but there are a couple of caveats....

    Before you start:
    You must have Apple TV and a Sonos speaker (Playbar) connected to your TV

    1) Open Apple Music and start listening to some music
    2) Switch on your TV and Apple TV
    3) Click on the Airplay icon and select Apple TV. Apple Music will now start playing through your TV, coming through the Sonos soundbar
    4) Open Sonos, select the Sonos TV speaker (normally the Soundbar)
    5) Using the Group function, add in the other Sonos speaker you want
    6) When it's grouped, you'll now have Apple music coming through multiple speakers
    7) Still within the Sonos App, selectively reduce the volume on the TV speaker, so now it's only playing in your bedroom / study etc.
    8) Go back to the Apple Music app, and your Sonos speakers are now controlled via the Apple Music app

    The Downside
    - You have to leave your TV switched on
    - If someone else wants to watch're stuck...

    Aside from the downsides above, it works well enough and keeps you going until Sonos get the app updated.
  2. vannibombonato macrumors 6502

    Jun 14, 2007
    Current best work-around is the good old airport express solution.
    It's basically what you said, but without the specific need of an apple tv or a soundbar: you just route from line-out of the express to the line-in of a sonos speaker.
    It works but it's not rock solid and obviously a very sub-par experience vs. what will hopefully be a solid integration (im nost so optimistic seeing how limited Sonos integration is for Spotify, which is well tested, and how beta Apple music is).

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