Apple Music Hires Lindsay Rothschild From Google to Help Build Relationships With Songwriters

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    Apple recently hired Lindsay Rothschild to Head of Creative Services for Apple Music's North American division (via Variety). Rothschild is joining Apple from Google, where she led songwriter and publisher relations for YouTube.


    The new Apple Music executive will be tasked with building and maintaining working relationships with artists in the songwriter community, as well as publishers. Rothschild officially started at Apple on April 29, and she was the first hire on Apple Music's Music Publishing Creative Services team.

    Rothschild's hiring follows a few months of reports about streaming music services fighting against the United States Copyright Royalty Board, which ruled to increase the royalties paid to songwriters by 44 percent. Companies like Spotify, Google, Pandora, and Amazon all fought against the decision.

    Apple remained out of the fight, favoring the increased royalty payments for songwriters and earning praise from various artists and those in the music industry.

    Now, Rothschild will continue working on expanding Apple's good graces in the community, which she appears ready to accomplish. According to sources, she is able to "speak and understand the language of songwriters," and has a "great track record" during her previous jobs, including the Disney Music Group prior to her spot at Google.

    Article Link: Apple Music Hires Lindsay Rothschild From Google to Help Build Relationships With Songwriters
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    I would prefer them hiring smb to improve the recommendation algorithms. Does Spotify pay so well nobody wants to switch?
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    Apple is being real stupid here. Make a platform like the App Store and allow the song writers to publish without labels. Indie scene will dig it. People that don’t want to be tied down to a label will like it. Apple Music users will like it. Etc etc.
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    So, what will the pitch be? "Hello, I'm from Goo... er, Apple, and if you'll just allow me to hold your lyrics for a moment, I promise I'll do something very profitable with them. Very profitable, indeed."
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    Rothschild? Like the richest family in the world?
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    Apple isn't providing the Catalog of Music, the publishers and I'm sure in order to wrangle the relationships they have managing millions of independent solo artists like applications is something they have yet to devise a reasonable solution for all sides of the scenario.
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    Rothchild from Google?
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    This, million times.
    Then we can also have people who compose music because they love music, instead of bunch of models singing karaoke and bunch of angry men talking over 1 loop.

    Honestly, the earlier labels get bypassed, the better.

    Some might say, labels do quality control and lots of weeding for us.
    I beg the differ. What they do is just selecting the same sounding people, putting their voices in the same sounding music. Repetition is an excellent brainwashing mechanism, therefore excellent money maker.
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    BINGO! I’ve said this a while back and I completely agree this would be the biggest shakeup the industry would see.

    Apple already has iTunes and Apple Music, the clout of huge globally loved artists (M Syria, Drake, etc) & former timeless greats library rights (Beatles), GarageBand & Logic for composition and ability to upload directly to itunes, it had those great music festivals (maybe being those back to feature newly signed and aspiring artists tot he public; paid of course), and let’s go further Apple can be a record company themselves. That latter idea would cause ripples and upset their current agreements though and I’m sure there is a non compete agreement in their licensing terms.
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    Apple music is made to listen to full albums. I am finding however there recommendation and playlist stations are horrible compared to Spotify. Spotify is made for playlists.
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    Jesus H C. This is another sign of the beginning of the end of Apple.

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