Apple Music in iTunes, kinda lost in the UI.

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    I feel REALLY dumb, and I generally think I can figure out just about any application, but.. I just tonight signed up for a free 3 months of Apple Music so I can compare with the (free) Spotify we've been using. And I just cannot grok the UI in iTunes for Apple Music. It feels kind of... scattered?

    On the For You "tab", in the "Friday's Playlists" section, there are clearly some playlists over to the right of my iTunes window, but I have no horizontal scrollbar to get over there! Am I missing something obvious? If i stretch the window out, I can tell there's more over there, but my monitor is only so big...

    When I'm playing a playlist or radio station or.. whatever the various "things" are, and then if I navigate several levels deep into exploring other things, how do I get back to what's playing now? I mean, how do I get back to the whole list of what's playing now? I don't mean the thing at the top of the screen where I can see a popup window of "up next". I mean ... UGH.

    Is there a way to edit what makes up a custom station? Right-clicking doesn't do anything but "share". I can't see what all i've "liked" or "hated" in a station..
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    1) Swipe (two finger) left
    2) Hit Back arrow (see pic below) or a shortcut to get to now playing is Command L
    3) When listening to a track/artist you like and want to make a Station hit the ellipse (often in more than one place) and select Create Station (see pic).

    Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 6.26.39 AM.png Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 6.31.08 AM.png
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    Ah, so the reason the "swipe" didn't work for me is that apparently my computer (iMac, late 2013) came with the magic mouse configured in macos to have "swipe two fingers" switch between full screen applications, not scroll. I don't know how my parents (for example) ever would have figured this kind of thing out. And the iTunes interface doesn't make it obvious that you CAN scroll right!

    Thanks for the back arrow info on how to get back to what i'm playing, although the "command L" keeps you from having to possibly nav back a lot of steps. Again on the UI: I don't know why Apple can't put an obvious button at the top of the window (or let you click on the playing track) to get to the playlist itself that you're on. I also noticed that if i click play on a playlist without clicking INTO it, it starts playing but then there's no visual indicator that THAT playlist (among the other ones on the screen) is the one playing!

    Oh, and on the "create station": I knew how to do THAT. What I don't know how to do it edit the station or see what all i've ever liked or dislike in it.
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    I always found it "odd" the "back" and "forward" in iTunes buttons will take you to past pages (in different tabs),, and not in the same tab you are viewing. That always gets me if i am trying to compare stuff, i gotta remember if I press "back " which tab will i land on.

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