Apple Music is messy, musicians fault?

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    May 23, 2010
    It can be quite cumbersome finding albums of an artist because many release singles which are classed as "albums" in apple music, also EPs which are classed as albums in Apple Music. Often it's a scavenger hunt trying to find albums from artists. I think they need to be either more organised or labeled.

    Search Yelawof as a perfect example of this. Perhaps it's just me that feels this way, if so fair enough ;)
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    May 28, 2015
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    As a self-releasing musician myself:

    Various aggregators (services that allow releasing music) use various terms. For most of them, a single is 1-track, and an album is anything else (2+ tracks). Record Union is an exception allowing to release 2-track singles and 5-track EPs. Yet still, when I search for "ray grant electricity" (released through Record Union), Apple Music has it as an album, Spotify has it as a single, iTunes Store has it as an album. I assume if I released this EP through another service, one that doesn't have EP as a category, it would be listed as album everywhere.
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