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    I just joined Apple Music and I have a question.

    When I go to iCloud Music Library and have the option to turn it on, I select Merge.

    1) When I do this it screws up the album art for certain CDs I purchased and uploaded into iTunes. They're major bands so it puts up another band album art for another album, but not the right one. When I turn off iCloud Music library it works again (but I can't add anymore music).

    2) I removed something from Apple Music (one album by another band) and it deleted the music off my phone. Even when I turn off iCloud Music library it's gone.

    Any idea suggestions on what I do?
  2. Tech198, May 8, 2016
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    Yes,,, when u 'merge' it merges what's on the phone *and* the cloud...

    I have the same problem album art is replaced, but for me, i have not uploaded or merged anything... just adding from Apple's own service.

    Its just Apple's service that keeps changing album art.. noting to do with merging songs...

    U could replace album art one day, and the next day u login, it would be different, without touching it since then.
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    One workaround that sometimes works:

    In iTunes on your mac/pc - right click album and "remove downloaded art". Then open "get info" for the album.
    On the artwork page, copy the image of the correct art to your clipboard, delete the album art, and then paste it back in and save.

    This process has helped me fix many of the wrong images in my iCloud music library on my phone.

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