Apple Music Newbie - Couple of Questions

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    Hi folks

    New to Apple Music, having been a long time Spotify Premium member. I've made the switch primarily because I've just had a CarPlay stereo fitted in my car and I figured it makes sense to use the Apple Music service rather than Spotify, as you'd hope the AM integration with CarPlay will be better supported/developed than Spotify.

    Just got a couple of queries about how AM works...

    1) I have it set so that anytime I add anything to my library, it downloads to my iPhone also, so I can listen offline. This makes sense now whilst my library is small however I guess it won't take long to fill a 64GB phone so I might have to be more selective in future! I have cellular downloads OFF.

    My question is - if I add stuff to my library whilst I'm on a cellular connection, will it automatically start downloading when I get onto a wifi network or will I have to do something to initiate it downloading? As unless I'm missing something, there is no option to 'download all' and I'd have to click the download button on every song I've added since I was on wifi?

    2) I have the iCloud library option enabled - this just means that my library will be the same on my iPhone/iPad/Mac - it's not actually using iCloud to store music, is that correct?

    3) I presume that if the track is downloaded to my device (i.e. enabling offline listening) it will ALWAYS use the 'stored' version of that track, even if you are online?

    Think that's all for now, thanks :)
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    1) It will auto download (or any other changes like added Playlists) when on WiFi
    2) Yes, you need Match if you want to have you music library stored in iCloud
    3) Yes
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