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Apr 12, 2001

Disney today announced that Apple Music subscribers can now access a unique collection of over 30 playlists, classic soundtracks, radio stations, and more related to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars movies and franchises.


Playlists are available for Disney favorites like Frozen, Disney classics like Mickey Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh, Disney Channel and Disney Junior shows, Marvel and Star Wars films, the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, and more. There is also a curated playlist of songs played at Disney Parks, like the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

At launch, a Disney Halloween playlist is featured, and content will be updated regularly. The launch also includes a Disney Hits Radio special on the new Apple Music Hits radio station, hosted by Hollywood Records' artist Sofia Carson.

Earlier this week, many Disney films became available in 4K on the iTunes Store.

Article Link: Apple Music Now Features Soundtracks and More From Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars
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Dec 26, 2009
Nice to see Apple and Disney working closer together, this along with 4k Disney movies in the iTunes Store hopefully means one day we will get Disney+ as an Apple TV channel which is a very underrated apple service. I think these companies are a match made in heaven


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Jul 5, 2015
Ventura, CA
This helps a little, I was starting to regret switching from Amazon Unlimited. I really miss the playlists and channels. My daughter will be happy.


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Nov 3, 2004
The Disney one is worthless. More narration than music and it's one long track so you can't even skip songs you have no use for.

When will Apple figure out no one cares about their chosen "personalities"?

What would make the service worth paying for (I have it free through VZW) are things Spotify figured out at the beginning, like being able to make playlists without needing to allow Apple to destroy the local library.


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Oct 1, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
This was the year I was going to sub to Spotify or Apple Music. This will probably get me on to AM. My wife and kids love the Disney soundtracks and seasonal stuff that is impossible to listen to unless you go to WDW or Disneyland during a holiday.

I just wish AM had as good a community around playlists. They’re killer on Spotify.


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Mar 28, 2005
Might be nice if they put all this on Disney+, I find it strange it isn’t. I believe D+’s forerunner ‘Disney Life‘ included audio content like soundtracks.
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