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    Apr 15, 2013
    I have a playlist called "A List" in which I add any song I am currently loving.

    On iTunes, I have it set to "Playlist Order (Descending)" meaning the most recently added song appears on top. The playlist has 300 songs in it, so I like to see the most recent stuff at the top.

    On Apple Music on iOS, the playlist appears in ascending order, with the newly-added tracks at the bottom. It does not sync iTunes' preference. There is no way to set the order on the phone. This is the biggest issue I have with Apple Music, and I doubt they'll ever fix it. So frustrating, so annoying.

    If anyone knows a solution, I would be in debt to them forever for illuminating me. I don't hold much hope.
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    Apr 15, 2013
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    No solution that I know of. I have a smart list based on some genres I like - it has over 900 songs and its set for live updates so when I add songs they auto include on the list. I have it sorted by Artist - but all this is on iTunes. Even if there's no good way for Apple to include playlist sorting on the iOS app, then at least sync the sort order from iTunes.

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