Apple Music Playlists and Disappearing Songs

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    Apple Music is such a mess to navigate and does a horrible job with matching albums that I actually had in iTunes before subscribing. For instance, Sinatra cut multiple versions of the same songs so what song should play when streaming a certain album gets screwed up royally. If I stream the "Come Dance With Me" album (from the Capitol years) on my iPhone the song "Saturday Night" might be one that he cut years before when recording for Columbia Records. I never had that version.

    To end this madness I backed up my iTunes catalog, deleted the stuff from iTunes and started from scratch, creating playlists, from the Apple Music section, in my Mac's iTunes of the albums I want to find playlists I create seem to be much easier to find than an album by anyone.

    Today I'm looking through my playlists and many of the album playlists are missing more songs than they still contain!

    Has anyone else noticed this and does any of the above crap happen in Spotify?
  2. Playthatfunkymusic macrumors newbie

    Sep 8, 2016
    I do not have Spotify but I too have had my playlists duplicated, triplicated, new ones appear and songs deleted from my personal library in Apple.This happened on the day I joined Apple Music and again on the day I cancelled Apple Music. Apple is of no help. They just kept telling me that my computer must be corrupt. Funny thing that this so called "corruption" happened on the exact days I subscripted and unsubscribe do to Apple Music. I am so fed up of Apple. They truly do not know what good customer service means. I have wasted more than 20 hours and I still have not finished creating my playlists. I wish you luck with Apple but now feel that Spotify must be a better option.

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