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Apple Music Playlists iPhone-Mac Sync Issues


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Mar 21, 2011
Yesterday, I noticed that I couldn't get playlists to sync between my Mac and iPhone, both with Apple Music and no iTunes Match.

Actually, Apple Music Playlists (playlists from the For You and other sections) and Radio stations sync just fine, so it's not a universal problem. It's the playlists I already had created that are having issues. Issues that I didn't have the first two-three days and only started yesterday. I thought I'd give it some time but after 24 hours things are still wonky. I've tried turning off/on iCloud Music Library from both devices, but that didn't fix it and I'm out of solutions.

The problem is not consistent. For example, right now if I create a playlist on my Mac, it appears on my iPhone. And vice versa. If I add a song from my Mac, it appears on my iPhone. If i delete a song from my Mac it gets deleted on my iPhone as well. If I delete a song from my iPhone, nothing happens on my Mac. A few hours ago, however, i couldn't even get playlists created on my Mac to show up on my iPhone. Is this a sign of things slowly progressing? Is there something else I could reset to make things work again?


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Aug 3, 2010
Possible solution!
I signed out of my iTunes account on all devices. Then signed back in. I had to go back to settings and turn on iCloud Music Library on each device but it seems to be working!
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