Apple Music seems to offer localized content, how to disable the feature?

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    Jun 7, 2011

    We are currently using Apple Music in my household, we have disabled our Spotify Premium subscription and will be using Apple Music for the free three months and consider what we will be using after the trial has ended.

    Thus far we are quite pleased with Apple Music, we like the visuals of the service and the album art but there has been some quirk with the UI, playlists and the service in general and we hope that will be resolved before the trial is over.

    One thing we can't wrap over heads around is that the service seems to localize content? We live in Norway and when we search for Disney soundtracks we only get displayed Norwegian editions of the soundtracks? Where have all the original / International / English editions gone? We aren't five years old so we would very much like to have the originals thank you very much..

    Have anyone else noticed things like this? Why would Apple localize Music content and search results like this? Not listing any of the Disney soundtracks in any other language other than Norwegian for Norwegian users at all?
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    Jan 28, 2015
    I think you can only see what they've gotten the rights for in your country. Different countries have different licensing rules and agreements and what not. I don't see a way around this unless you buy the originals and add them to your library manually.

    For example, David Zowie's "House Every Weekend" isn't available on the US iTunes store or Apple Music, but it is available in the UK ones.

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