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    Probably a stupid question but...

    I have an Apple Music and I am going on holiday to Turkey in September, where Apple Music is not available. I have WiFi in the villa I am staying in. My question is, will I be able to access Apple Music as I have a UK account on a UK phone, or as I am in a non Apple Music country, will it not be available?
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    The only thing I can tell that access Apple Music with an account from country A in country B, whereby both countries have Apple Music is no problem. I can also add that music, movies and TV shows only sold in country A can be accessed in country B (using an account from country B). I can further add that the original iTunes Music Store allowed to access content from country A in country C with country C not having any iTunes Store yet. The same when country A got movies while country B only had music.

    Things can be different this time with streaming (they were different with iTunes Radio I think).

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