Apple nano computer idea.

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by hugodrax, Nov 17, 2013.

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    I could see this selling well to consumers who want an appliance computing experience, ie close to a making popcorn with a microwave experience.

    Apple can leverage its iOS operating system and the new A7 CPU to build a purpose built easy to operate computer.

    It can be thin like the ipad air. Make the screen 17 inches and bonded to the glass, with a touch screen of course. The integrated stand will let you flip the screen to operate in landscape or portrait mode. Keep it 4:3 aspects ratio.

    Ram could be 4GB of ram, internal storage at 128gb starting. Finger print sensor.

    Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (so you get your choice of touch screen or mouse anytime you want.

    Wifi of course.

    Built in battery, this provides you with the equivalent of UPS in the event of powerless.

    For storage expansion, wifi storage ie apple wifi router with 1 or 2 tb of ram, second internal drive does the time machine function.

    Or cloud storage via iCloud.

    I could see this selling well since your investment of iOS applications on your I devices will work this machine due to it running the same iOS software.

    Not only that but if you know how to use an iphone or iPad, you will feel at home working on the nano computer. Not only that but even for special vertical markets and kiosk computing I can see this selling well.
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    What you just described is a 128 GB 17" iPad, with 4 GB of RAM.

    Expect it to retail for $1399+

    A MacBook Air would be cheaper.

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