'Apple Needs an Attitude Adjustment' - hmmmmm

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by samcraig, Jul 8, 2010.

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    imo, the more people talk and put out ideas and "rumors" or theories and opinions, the more it makes a company seem which ever way people talk about. if the 3 top magazine companies start bad mouthing apple, intel, microsoft whom ever, thats they way they will be portrayed.

    what everyone tends to forget is that these are COMPANIES that have competition and they need to make their product better then the other guy while giving them more revenue then ever before.

    iphone 4 has had its issues....but so has every other phone and they will always have issues the more and more people bitch and moan about it and not try to figure it out themselves.

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    The episode/skit on "The Daily Show" is hilarious too...

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    Did you read the article? It isn't about the product issues or even whether they exist at all. It's about Apple's arrogant and conflicting response to them. And it's about Apple's transition from the underdog company that people loved to root for, to the front-running mega-corporation that it is today.

    I liked Apple a lot better when they were the underdog, when they at least gave us the perception that they cared. These day's we get this: "you're holding it wrong" from the CEO whose website has several images of users holding it exactly the same way. It's like a bad joke and it's a great example of Apple's "you're all wrong, we're right, end of discussion" mentality. It really makes you hate them.

    By the way, I'm not even experiencing the reception issue with my iPhone 4, but I'm really disappointed in Apple's response to all of the reports.
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    Sad to say this, but that fact makes it 10x funnier... :( :D
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    Hilarious. I have a computer, no problems. :D

    I liked this part:

    "The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo."

    That almost sounds like the jailbreakers that Apple is trying hard to turn into criminals, doesn't it? I guess beggars CAN be choosers.
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    I found the article interesting and appreciated the articulation of one of the core issues Apple is having in the marketplace.
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    So true... :) Simply Hilarious
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    Standard fare written by hack writers who get paid by the word.
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    So, that's 12 words... $.02 a word... do you take PayPal? :p
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    I agree that lately the comments supposedly coming directly from SJ are sounding arrogant and dismissive, and take away from the "moral credibility" that long - time Mac lovers fancied Apple possessed.

    Apple's multicolored logo days of "David vs. Goliath" stature are naturally going to fade a bit as Apple enjoys this astounding run of success and growth. When you're the most successful, every competitor is going to paint you as the evil enemy.

    I'm assuming Therese Poletti is sincere in her comments, but I think we should take into account just how many advertising dollars flow into Market Watch (or any business / technology news source) from Apple's competitors, and how much, if any, influence that has on their editorial positions.

    I know that sounds cynical, and I'm sure Apple calls in a few favors from journalists from time to time, but that's the reality of doing business in such a competitive market. It's also the reality of today's style of journalism. There's just not enough news in an average 24 hour day for 24 hour news sites and channels, so they resort to "filling" the day with spin - off stories, and by making bigger stories out of smaller ones.

    In other words, the old adage applies: take what you hear with a grain of salt. This especially applies to cell phones. You can barely find a home page or page of a newspaper that doesn't have an add from a carrier or two. That's got to be some serious revenue pouring in, and if I were an editor, I'd have to think long and hard before I ticked off a paying advertiser. Apple's secretive nature also must be a factor for news sources like Market Watch, who can't get a comment from anybody in Cupertino.
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    Awww, did somebody insult your Stevie-poo?

    Apple's responses lately have been just terrible. "You're holding it wrong." Even Microsoft doesn't try to blame its customers when their products fail.
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