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Nov 20, 2007
The biggest problem with Apple doing AR/VR is that they might get the first version wrong. The Apple Watch was wrong. That is why it is taking them so many years trying to perfect a losing product. High fidelity in front of the eyes is very important. So downsizing the Watch screen to a 2 inch display basically downgraded their uptake with mass consumers. The Apple glasses (or whatever it is going to be called) has to be super light with the bulk of the hardware worn on the body like a belt, or a 'strap on' somewhere that is comfortable. That headset can be a hat or scarf or whatever, and you DO NOT NEED to keep wearing the glasses if you DONT WANT TO. You can flip it up or in, or whatever "transformer" animation is needed to get it out of your face because sometimes humans want to look normal and talk to people normal. Just like people will be looking at their phones, and then they will look away to talk to someone else (with the phone down). So let's say you get a phone call, you press a button and the glasses flip down (if it is like a hat) and over your eyes to take the call. You can stay in that call for as long as you want and then with a simple press, it recedes to its fashionable hat configuration (assuming it is a hat and not a scarf like device). I don't think people want to wear a headset all day (unless they reach a point where they can't feel it like contact lenses or very light super light goggles or glasses). If it is cool looking and is very light, it can be worn all the time, but it better allow video pass through via cameras installed in the front. Put the bulk of the weight (battery, processing, whatever), separate from the glasses. That way you do not have thermal, battery power, processing power, and other issues that force the device to be a 1 hour only use and then you put it way for recharging. Sony will take over that segment (gaming a few hours a day). Apple needs something that is fashionable and can be worn all the time. Thanks for reading.
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May 1, 2022
If they really want to, they can let it connect to the iMachines wirelessly while also having an extra battery strapped to the waist. The headset should be just like very light glasses, you can take off or turn up like the Microsoft hololens 2.

When I use my Meta Quest Pro 8 to 9 hours a day, my wife tells me it is annoying to talk to me, when I can see her but she cannot see my face. She tells me it feels like talking to a robot or a terminator.

I still believe the AR and VR Experience of the Quest Pro makes the Phone and the Tablet seem like very old tech.

Apple has been working on their glasses since 2015. They have probably tried different iterations and have seen what others have been trying to do. I'm sure the first version will take a leap but the second or third iteration will be far more superior.

It feels like Meta is competing with Apple and Snap Inc. This is going to be a very interesting journey for everyone. It is sad that Microsoft stopped innovating in that space.

I still believe that a standalone headset is the way ahead for the future.
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