Apple needs to send out notifications about recalls to all affected consumers.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by xchen001, Mar 27, 2018.

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    Mar 27, 2018
    I had been a zealot for apple products for years and have bought 4 iPhones, 5 iPads, 1 Macbook, 2 Macbook Pro and 2 Macbook Air. However, during the past two years, my passion with apple products are subsiding because of so many unhappy occasions as most people know, for example, right now my iPhone 6 Plus is working like a turtle. However, this is not the worst. The worst was that: among the 5 laptops I have, 3 had recall issues. Many people know about the MBP 2011 video card issue-I am affected; 2015 MBA mother board issue-both of my MBA affected. However, I never received any recall notification. Only one 2015 MBA encountered the specified problem within the recall period and was repaired by Apple for free. The other two laptops showed the problems after the recall period was over and I went to apple store to argue for a possible repair. I argued that they should have sent out recall notification as the car business is doing. I also argued that as most Apple users registered their products with AppleID, they know exactly the products the users have and it is easy for Apple to send out the notifications to affected customers. The answer was that not all affected computer would show the same problem--hack, it's hardware issues and all affected computer should show the same problems if affected. They rejected my requests and now both the 2011 MBP and a 2015 MBA are dead. My feeling is that this is not "lethal" as the car could be and Apple is taking the chance and use the love of people for Apple products-well, now so many people I know are walking away from Apple because of Apple's arrogance. The explanation about slowing down the CPU of Apple iPhone 6 is like a joke--you have old batteries and thus I slowed the CPU down for you customers. Why not just give the option to the consumers as an option? Everyone knows, Apple is just trying to phase out these phones and to boost their new sales. What a trick!

    I would strongly suggest that Apple to send out all recall to notify their consumers who bought their faulty products.

    Nowadays, Samsung products and many laptop brands have the same functionalities, better services but lower prices.
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    Mar 27, 2017
    Recalls are about product safety issues. Recall programs are meant to limit liability and lawsuits claiming corporate negligence.
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    Good god man, paragraphs are your friend.

    Any time Apple releases an extended repair on a product it is displayed on their website in the footer. It’s not up to Apple to send out recall notifications as not all machines were affected. It was a specific batch of serial numbers.

    As to your complaint re: iPhone battery slowdown, it has been beaten to death in the iPhone sub forum, and Apple is already addressing it with 29.00 battery replacement, as well as built-in functionality in iOS 11.3 that will allow you to disable the power management and, thusly, let your iPhone shut down when it can’t pull enough juice to compete the task you are asking it to do.

    Edit: and what the guy up there said too. ^^
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    Apr 19, 2017
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    At least Apple implements warranty extensions for some of their products unlike HP and Dell.

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