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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by eastamherstbias, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Mar 18, 2012
    I live in New York so it was a mess trying to get NEXT from 3-5am. I was trying to buy three phones on next which I was told was not going to be an issue. When I got to the place an order screen it said "You can not do Next in New York State" So I bought three phones at 299, 549 and 749. I called the apple store I am picking them up at and they had no clue what I was talking about. I told them what happened and they said I should "think things through a little better" (which was slightly annoying). I was told last year iPhone 5s by an Apple Rep that the important thing is that you have a phone for pick up and then they can clean up the plans on site. He said there would be AT&T reps on site to look at potential issues but the odds are they are all going to have to be returned since New York State does not have NEXT. I don't want to pay $1700 for phones so they will go back if no one can use common sense.
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    yeah that was very annoying and quite the curveball this morning. Apparently you can't do NEXT if you are a NY resident and order online from Apple. but you can order online from AT&T and do NEXT.... doesn't make sense to me at all :confused:

    Anyway I ended up ordering my phones from AT&T using NEXT and it worked out. My preference would have been to pay full price up front but that wasn't an option anywhere. I'll just pay them off and get them unlocked after 2 billing cycles go by.
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    Secondly every year is a mess with Apple. They have server capacity yet they act all surprised that people want to buy their products. They have never once apologized for sucking at pre order.


    Yeah I did not see that coming. I called and confirmed that I was good to go and it still happened.
    I am going into the store to pick them up on 9/19 and we will see if they will refund and get me back on next.
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    I never even viewed the error about not being able to do Next online orders in NY, it just wouldn't work.

    I tried for almost an hour and a half. I could not access the store at all. Thank God I knew about using the app. Unfortunately, I used the my line for the 2 year upgrade and it was not eligible so it was $199 more.

    Anyway, my 128GB Gold 5.5 is scheduled for the 19th. I need to go to the Apple Store and see if I can 'exchange' the phone so that it can be attached to the right line and get my $199 back.

    AT&T said the difference between contract and Next was $50 (contract cheaper).
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    Yeah I am hopping that Apple will be able to correct the contract issues. It "should" be an easy fix if ATT reps are in the Apple Store. But we will see.

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