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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Brian Mage, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Brian Mage macrumors member

    Jul 14, 2012

    I've been ghosting around on these forums for a while; picking up tips and the such as I go RE: Apps, care, Peripherals specs etc.

    Yesterday I took delivery of my Macbook Air 13" i7 8gb 256. (to me the optimum spec Air). It's hardly been off my lap since that point. I first transfered my media from my old laptop (And I DO mean OLD! - 2003 17" Compaq Presario 512mb RAM!) and had a good look around the App Store.
    Once my ML codes came thru (within 1hr) I installed the New OS. So I can't compare Lion to ML.

    Apps I've found great so far
    Pixlemator (how is this so cheap!)
    Virtual DJ
    Chrome (looks like they've fixed the flash issues for the MBA's)
    RC Mini Racers (this gets the i7 working when on full)

    I plan on installing Logic Pro soon, but before then i need a TBD. I found a great second hand one on eBay, paid for it and had it delivered the next day. (this was two weeks before the MBA arrived!). I unboxed it and gave it a good clean, only to then find out it was actually an ACD... arse! Got a full refund and free return delivery - so it all ended well

    I also think Alfred could be a good one to install. Do you guys find it useful?

    Does anyone use transmission? is it any good?

    I am also going to need to install MS Office. However i can't decide if i need outlook or not (i.e. home vs professional) How do you guys find the native Mail? I've always seen huge format errors on emails sent from Outlook on a Mac compared to Outlook on a Windows PC (i have no intention of dual booting - defeats the purpose of a mac IMHO) i.e. fonts change, paragraphs are lost, colours disappear

    1)How do i re-orgainse the contents of a folder? i.e. sort by name/type/age etc? - When i go into my Pictures folder the sub-folders are all higgledy piggledy
    2)I find it very annoying that when i'm using the trackpad, it often thinks i'm "secondary clicking". The reason for this is because i leave my index finger on the trackpad while moving the cursor with my middle finger (obvisouly the index finger was on a button previously, not the TP) Is there a setting that change secondary click?
    3)The " key is in the wrong place! ha!

    Overall: I'm totally in love with this thing. It was always going to be night and day considering where i came from (tho there are 2 other Laptops in the house which i use regular) but the difference in the OS and speed is incredible.

    The keyboard is a joy. Gestures are fantastic. The screen is epic (LG btw)

    If you guys have any fun apps to recommend (I do photo editiing and scratch drawings/ Music recording / lots of surfing) please let me know.

    With regards to a dispay - an ATB is my prime choice because its sexy with built in speaked - however i can't just discount the Dell Ultrasharp 30" Anyone run both and have advices?

    SOrry of this post seems random but it's purpose is 2 fold
    1) This is the best thing i've ever bought
    2) do you have any answers to these questions

    Thanks in advance
    Brian Mage
  2. Tfb, Jul 28, 2012
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    Tfb macrumors member

    Jul 9, 2012
    I'm finding it much more useful than I expected (which was for it to be redundant to spotlight). So far I especially like it for pulling up a wikipedia page or looking something up on amazon. You can customize it also - I set it up to auto search zappos and my local craigslist. I'm sure I'm only at the tip of the iceberg for possible uses though!

    I *just* bought MS Office Home and it came with Outlook. I guess this is because MS doesn't make OneNote for Mac and so including Outlook in the Home package makes it more equivalent to what you get for your money for the Windows program.

    I think possibly the difference between Home and Professional for Mac is whether you can use it (at least according to the license) for commercial purposes. I would like to know whether it's possible to pay less to 'upgrade' from Home to Professional if I change my usage and want to respect the license, rather than have to repurchase?
  3. KPOM macrumors G5

    Oct 23, 2010
    1) From a Finder window, click on the drop-box above "Arrange." You can sort by date, name, etc.

    For 2) Go System Preferences (it's the gray icon that looks like a cog in your Dock). Click on Trackpad. You can change the settings for the secondary click there.

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