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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is bringing Apple Music editorial content into Apple News as a way to offer readers even more content about the artists, songs, and more that they love.


Apple has started a new Apple Music channel within Apple News, as first spotted by MacStories, that currently has a limited selection of articles, but seems to be frequently posting. Based on the current posts, Apple plans to publish different interviews with artists about their upcoming or newly released albums and songs and provide insight into the music industry.

As of now, the integration between Apple News and Apple Music is rather limited, in the sense that finding content requires a user to search, and find the Apple Music channel within Apple News manually. In the future, Apple may more tightly integrate the two services to make it easier for subscribers, and non-subscribers to access Apple Music editorial content.

Article Link: Apple News Gaining Apple Music Editorial Content
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Sep 24, 2020
I just really wish they would fix/add features to their music app that other applications have. I know I am saying this in a black hole of Apple not really caring but I'll continually beat the drum until there is a huge overhaul.


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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
They would be wise to spin that off as a separate, dedicated Offering !

The "audience" is completely different.
I disagree.

News is news is news. the audience looking at Apple News may have specifics enabled to alert them over all content but I'm sure they'll find a few things interesting on topics that are not their 'favourites'. creating another app just for apple news not only seems expensive and time consuming but may not be necessary.

Selena Gomez (non pandemic) is performing at your local sporting venue. (may not be of interest to you).
concert cancelled
Bruce Springstein or Led Zepplin do a 1 off impromptu concert at same sporting venue due to cancellation (or your preferred musician/artist etc) maybe of interest to you.
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