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Apr 12, 2001

Apple quietly updated several of its European online stores for refurbished products over the last couple of days, and has added its latest 27-inch 5K iMac models to the discounted listings for the first time.

The iMacs were first released in June of 2017 and feature Kaby Lake processors, faster SSDs, and AMD discrete graphics. Online stores in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Spain have all been updated with the new stock, although the largest range of configurations currently appears in the United Kingdom.


In the U.K., for example, an entry-level model with 8GB RAM, a 1TB Fusion Drive, a 3.4GHz i5 processor, and a Radeon Pro 570 is priced at £1,489, which is a £260 discount off the standard price.

This is the first time the machines have been available in refurbished stores around Europe since their introduction at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple first began selling the refurb models in the U.S. and Canada back in August.

In addition, Apple has boosted its European stock of refurbished 21.5-inch 4K iMacs, also released in June of this year. Apple has added a range of configurations, from low-end to top-of-the-line. As with all refurbished products, stock will fluctuate regularly based on the machines Apple is getting in for repair.

All of Apple's refurbished products go through a rigorous refurbishment process before being offered for sale, which includes inspection, repairs, cleaning, and repackaging. Refurbished Macs come with a one-year warranty that can be extended with an AppleCare+ purchase. For more tips on purchasing a refurbished product, make sure to check out our guide.

Article Link: Apple Now Selling Refurbished 2017 27-inch iMac Models in Europe
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Feb 11, 2008
Let's see how much they are...

Actually not bad , top spec around 1/2 the entry of a iMac pro.... kinda said I'm comparing to a £5k model.... makes £2.7 seem like a bargain.... ahhh Apple with your new pricing ...


Mar 20, 2008
I'm glad they're expanding Refurbished products into Europe, but still no Refurb Macs here in the Netherlands.
is 260euro worth only one year guarantee? Plus it is used product and something was wrong with it? Friend of mine bought one, and had hair behind screen. Grouse if you ask me.


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Jan 12, 2013
Central PA
Why do they use terms like "...quietly updated"? Has there ever been a formal announcement from Apple that a product was added to the refurbished store?

Do you expect them to bring down the entire site in anticipation of adding a few refurbished items?

It reads like Apple is conspiring with a secret new world order to offer us goods at lower prices.

Now I'm kind of afraid that Tim Cook will "quietly" be watching me through my bathroom window.

Who writes/edits this stuff?


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Jun 10, 2009
Hmmm. Doesnt it seem strange that its still 2017 and Apple is already selling so much current model "refurbished" product. Would be interesting to see the original origin of these "refurbished" machines. Smells like a cash personal AAPL stock, purchase new product to boost quarterly sales numbers and then warehouse product and sell as "refurbished" to keep illusion of sales growth. Either way, this company better straighten up or face its demise. Shareholders need to oust Cook and Ive. Also, get the comedian Gary Gulman to be the new face of Apple (with a haircut, he's a Steve Jobs twin) and have Forestall come back to be the man behind the curtain. I want a good old "Jobs" vibe going on in this beotch again...
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