Apple onpy optimized the 8-core model

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by getheo, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Good thing i got an 8 core. Its kind of pointless to go with the 6 core if you get a 512 gig storage anyway. You get a better gpu and 8 core cpu for 80$ more or so.
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    Oct 15, 2011
    It is not true the difference is only 80$. It is approx 200$ + tax in US (260 in Europe) if you just upgrade SDD to 512. Approx 10% increase from the base price is not a minor one - still agree mid tier model is more interesting one if you can afford it.

    In the comments below notebookcheck article somebody claims Apple has optimized (undervolting) only 2.4 8 cores processor, not the base one 2.3 8 cores. Can somebody confirm it? Are there benchmark tests difference in MacOS and Windows for 2.3 model?
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    yea I was off a little. its actually 100$ more for the 8 core if you opt for the better gpu that's standard in the 8core model.
    2599 for the 6 core with lowest gpu(555x)
    2699 for the 6 core with same gpu as the 8 core 560x (512 storage)
    2799 for 8 core and 560x (512 storage)

    so 200$ more for a better gpu and better cpu. or 100$ for a better cpu with same gpu. Seems like the smart way to go if your spending 3000$ anyway.

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    I’m curious about the results notebookcheck will get with 8-core models.

    Although I had to chuckle a bit when I read the line about laptop “only being able to sustain 50Watts” on a 45watt CPU. Shows just how fundamentally Coffe Lake is screwed up again. This power creep is not a good thing for laptops. We are now used to an expectation that a laptop should be able to support a 65 Watt CPU - just few years ago it was high-end desktop territory.
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    Even so, the price difference is negligible (given the high price of the laptop) that you might as well get the 8 core model.
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    What about the lifespan of i7 and i9? Intel releases documents to say that the wattage must be the tdp(45 watts) or above the tdp for some seconds. I9 uses 8 watts more constantly.
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    I don’t think that Intel has any info on how lifespan of the CPU depends on its power consumption and both i7 and i9 power consumption will be very similar since they’ll just plateau at the chassis limit anyway.

    The TDP is simply a marketing term that is supposed to set a certain expected target for performance. With Coffee Lake, the TDP doesn’t make much sense anymore since the CPU clock differences only show at higher power consumption.

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